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3820 AED

froggy101 chair
Product infomation:

Function: Massage, heat, chair incline 45°, move from front to back within 15cm, Mp3 Player, bass Voice

Length: 1400mm / 55.12inches

Width: 880mm / 34.65 inches

Height: 1080mm / 42.52inches

Colors: customizable


Froggy chair has won the heart of majority of secondary and primary students, modern youngsters by its all but perfect fluid and dynamic radian, stylistic and novel color assortment as well as scientifically healthy motive structure.

  1. Design the appearance as frogs according to the bionics, lively and lovely, beaming with the modern taste.
  2. Apply the design of jointing the desk and chair, thus synchronize human and the machine,also saving room.
  3. Adopt several crafts as overall high class metallic painting, panel mould pressing, wood bending and pipe bending, endowing the product with higher texture.
  4. Material: PU leather, SS304 base, Case-hardened sponge.
  5. The seat can be adjusted about 10 cm, left/right range 360°, and equipped with pedals,and is equipped with HiFi system.
  6. Voltage:110/220/24v , Rated Frequency:50Hz
  7. Speed:2600-2800 rpm
  8. Rated Output:96w   (Move 50 W Massage 18w Speaker 28 )