DIY wall clock

DIY Wall Clock
Design your unique wall clock as you wish…
As its name suggests, you’re the designers when it comes to the DIY Wall Clock. Basically, the kit comes with the essential materials for a clock: the numbers and the hour and minute hands. You’re on your own with regards to the background or canvas on which you want to build your clock on, which is what makes this a truly one-of-a-kind DIY-slash-decorating project.

  • It’s made up of adhesive backing, including numbers 1 through 12, dots and a the clock core with hands. You decide the rest.
  • You can stick the pieces on whatever surface you choose so it’ll match your decor.
  • You can also organize the numbers in different ways; there’s no reason they have to form a circle (even-though a circle paper template is provided if you want to go fast,beautiful and classic) . Just use your imagination!
  • 1 AA battery powered (not included).