Handheld air-conditioner

  • Environmental protection, convenient, simple, practical
  • Easy to use
  • Unique water cooling technique
  • The direct and power of wind is adjustable as the blade Swaying
  • Top can revolve to 180 degrees
  • Colors: pink,blue and black
  • Size: 14*6*20.5cm
  • 3-way power supply (4 x AAA Batteries / 5v Adapter / USB cable (included))


Two Modes: Refrigeration by liquid and general fan

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1. This is not waterproof products,when add water,please take the sponge out.
2. Don’t add too much water to the sponge!
3. Don’t drop the item from high place!
4. Please dry out the sponge after use to avoid bacteria and odors!

Package Contains

1 x Hand-Held Air Condition
1 x 60 ml bottle
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual